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“Keeping it Fresh” with delicious local Tropical Hawaiian grown fruits

Voted by Frommer’s Travel guide as the     “Best Smoothie on Kaua’i”

Fresh Island fruit juices available daily.

We puree and blend our smoothie mixes daily. Our first time customers often comment how fresh our Smoothies taste and our returning customers know exactly what to expect, making us there 1st stop from the Lihue Airport. It’s the best way to start their Kaua’i vacation! Consider stopping in after a kayak trip on the Wailua river or tube ride just up the road. Were located 3 minutes North of the Lihue Airport, stop by our store for the freshest Kaua’i Smoothie!

Tropical Fruit Blend- Cousins M’s Special mix

She’s of Pure Hawaiian Ancestry and has been mixing up our smoothies for over twenty years. All smoothies are 12oz. mix of Kauai grown fruits; Mangoes, Banana’s, Sunrise Papaya, Pineapples, Coconut’s, Pineapple juice mixed, with other seasonal fruit juices

(Tropical Smoothie mix changes according to availability)

pineappleHawaiian Field Fresh Pineapples

Hawaii grown pineapples are picked from small fields in Kaua’i to Oahu and Maui. These local grown pineapples are packed here in our store daily. They are ready to check in with all airlines leaving Hawai’i.

Our boxes of 2, 3, 5 or 6 pineapples are U.S. Agriculture Approved to go anywhere in the U.S., and Canada.

We are Kauai’s Oldest Pineapple Company!!

  • Package of 2 for $27 plus shipping $65 plus packing fee $6
  • Package of 3 for $39 plus shipping $70 plus packing fee $6
  • Package of 5 for $65 plus shipping $95 plus packing fee $6
  • Package of 6 for $78 plus shipping $98 plus packing fee $6

Hawaii Grown Freshly Boxed Tropical Flowers

flowersWe ship a variety of fresh Island Tropical Flowers and leis. These beautiful flowers are grown locally on Kauai , also known as “The Garden Island.”

Shipping Kaua’i grown tropical flowers is most important to our Company. Our commitment has always been from the flower farm to your front door, washing and cleaning to ensure every gift box is properly packed with utmost personal care and attention.

We give all the credit to our loyal farmers we’ve worked with for over 26 years – they continuously supply us with the highest quality flowers – rain or shine.

We’ve grown up with our customers and know the price we would pay for missing Mrs. Bennett’s favorite Heliconia colors, and our repeat customers like the Cook Ohana and the Watson’s Annual Anniversary order of 5 dozen Anthuriums. That’s why they return back year after year for the best Tropical flower gift boxes!

All hand selected Tropical Flowers packed in Gift Boxes filled with our Aloha

K-1 Tropical Mix

$75.00 plus shipping $60 plus (packing fee $10.00)

  • Anthurium’s- 4
  • Gingers-4
  • Bird of Paradise-1
  • Psittacorums-3
  • Orchid-1
  • Assorted Green Foliage

K-2 Tropical Mix

$95.00 plus shipping $65 plus (packing fee $10.00)

  • Anthurium’s-4
  • Gingers-4
  • Bird of Paradise-2
  • Psittacorums-4
  • Orchids-2
  • Assorted Green Foliage

K-3 Anthurium Mix

$135.00 plus shipping $60 plus (packing fee $10

  • Anthurium’s-24
  • Assorted Green Foliage

Fern Grotto Special

$95.00 plus shipping (packing fee $10.00)

Liliko’i Special

$105.00 plus shipping (packing fee $10.00)

Grand Tropical Special

                                                  $175.00 plus shipping (packing fee $10.00)

Contact us for more information!

papayaFresh Papayas

Kauai Fruit & Flower offers Hawaiian grown papaya, unique in flavor and color. We carry Solo papaya. When leaving all Hawai’i Airports, papaya are prohibited from being taken unless they are pre-packaged and sealed properly. We are Kaua’i’s only source for U.S. agriculture pre-approved boxes of papaya. Boxes may be shipped to your home.

  • 10 lbs. Boxes (8-10) Papayas per Box
  • $68.00 each box
  • $57 Shipping additional
  • $6 packing fee

Hawaiian Gift Baskets

giftbasketWe offer baskets filled with the best flavors from all our Hawaiian islands. Kaua’i coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dried fruit, tropical Iced teas, Guava Mac cookies, Tropical fruit jams, Kauai cookies, island candies and other varieties of local confections. Not to forget a Fresh Pineapple is always included in each basket! Each basket is beautifully wrapped with a gift card including your personal message of Aloha!

Famous Kaua’i Treats Basket
$65.00 ea plus Shipping or local Island Delivery

Flavors of Kaua’i Basket
$85.00 ea plus Shipping or local Island Delivery

Island’s Best Basket
$150.00 ea plus Shipping or local Island Delivery

Contact us for more information!

”Take Home“ – As check-in baggage (inquire with us about baggage fee waiver)

or ”Shipped“ – We can have your order shipped 2 day Air to you!

All fresh fruits and tropical flowers are shipped weekly from Kaua’i

Visit or Call our Store Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 12pm • Closed Sundays & Holidays

Store Location:
3-4684 Kuhio Highway • Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766